2017 iRacing World Championship Round 04

Again, the two drivers of Positive SimRacing took part in the last round of the iracing World Championship GP Series, which took place in the Road America Circuit. The Qualifying was very difficult, but Diogo Oliveira and Daniel Bida managed to secure a position in the starting grid (in P33 and P35, respectively). Due to the extreme difficulty of this championship, and taking into account the results of the precedent rounds, being in the race means a small victory for the team. In this occasion, the two Positive SimRacing drivers made a good start and they completed a good first stint, gaining several positions. Daniel managed very well the traffic and he was in 24th position in lap 19. 

This was the second race for Diogo, and despite some problems in the first stint, he completed a very consistent race,finishing in P24. The target of the team is to keep the two secure the participation of both drivers in the 2018 World Championship, and therefore to finish in the top 30; and presently, the drivers are in P29 (Daniel Bida) and P36 (Diogo Oliveira), but the battle for the top 30 is really intense race after race. 

The two PSR cars starting in P33 and P35

Safe first laps with some overtaking

Some positions gained by avoiding incidents

Daniel Bida and Diogo Oliveira

Daniel Bida and Diogo Oliveira

Again, the Two PSR cars in the WC GPS 2017

 Daniel overtaking