2k World Cup S4 finishes with a victory for PSR

Season 4 of the 2015 2K World Cup finished with a victory in the last race.

Season 4 of the 2015 2K World Cup finished with a victory of Arjan De Vreede in the last race, with Paul Malokas also in the Podium. Last round took place in the circuit of Spa Francorchamps, with 14 laps of continuous changes in positions due to the effect of the draft.

With this result, 4 Positive SimRacing drivers finished in the top 5 of the driver's championship. Philippe Leybaert was the champion of this season with an amazing record of 5 wins and 7 podiums. Arjan de Vreede (PSR) finished second with 2 victories and 5 podiums, and Paul Malokas (PSR) finished in 3rd. Brian Doell (PSR) and Ricardo Faria (PSR) completed the Top 5 of the Championship standings:


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More than 40 cars in the last race: 14 laps to Spa Francorchamps, with continuous changes in the top positions

Paul Malokas 3 laps to the end

Brian Doell in the last turn, 2 laps remaining

Arjan de Vreede fights for the victory in the last lap

Dekota Fripp does not give up and recovers the first position in the last lap

Las turn with Arjan and Dekota side by side

Last meters before the Finish line

Final results of the last race of the 2K World Cup season

Arjan de Vreede finished 2nd in the Championship

Paul Malokas finished 3rd in the championship


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