Full Podium for PSR in the 2K World Cup 2015-S4

For the first time in the team's history, three drivers of Positive SimRacing finished in P1, P2 and P3 in an international championship.

The team clinched its first full podium in an international championship in the round 11th of the 2K World Cup 2015 (Season 4), after his former full podium in the national championship MundoGt #ISCE. Arjan de Vreede, Paul Malokas finished without incidents, racing in the top positions since te start of the race. Brian Doell started in P12, but he completed an excellent race, with a late pit stop, which helped him to fight for the podium. Ricardo Faria made also a great race, but he was involved in an incident in the last lap, when he was fighting for P4.

Drivers approach to Turn 1. 4 Positive Simracing Drivers in the top 12: Paul Malokas (P4), Arjan de Vreede (P5), Ricardo Faria (P9), Brian Doell (P12)

Paul Malokas and Arjan de Vreede

Ricardo Faria takes advantge of Schothorst incident. Paul Malokas in P3

Ricardo Leads in lap 11, with Arjan in P3, Paul in P4 and Brian in P8

Brian Doell saves the situation after a small incident

Lap 22: Brian takes the lead still waiting for his pit stop

Brian exits from pits with the race leaders

An off track of the championship winner Philippe Leybaert prevents him to fight for the podium

Rob Read leads the race 8 laps to the end, with 4 PSR drivers fighting for the victory

After an epic battle for the podium, Rob loses the first position

Last lap: 4 PSR drivers fighting in P1-P4

Incident involving Ricardo Faria and Rob Read in the last lap

Historical P1, P2 and P3 for Positive SimRacing