The Spark Has Been Ignited

Positive SimRacing leaves Abu Dhabi 20 points richer after Javier and Jackson both finished the race with the positions 13th and 18th respectively for both drivers.


Jackson didn’t make it through Pre Qualifying, he was 1 position out side it. The Australian driver stayed put though and soon enough something that he couldn’t believe just happened. But GhostSpeed’s Mark Aalberts had to leave and Jackson after this was invited back into the server. Jackson’s race however was ruined 5 laps in when contact was made with Sisu GP’s Jan Phillip Schmit under the Yas Hotel after Jan turned in on him. This caused Jackson to suffer from a broken side pod and front right suspension damage making him drop back from the pack. It was a recovery mission for Jackson from there on in, and things got even worse when he spun in the same spot losing his front wing to the barriers.



He pitted then and was able to come out ahead of Jan Wenninger but the battle only lasted a lap after contact was then made into the first corner making Jackson lose his front wing forcing him to pit again. This would have been the final straw for some people but not Jackson, he was on a mission to finish his first race so he sought out a long strategy running quite a few laps and then pitting 7 laps from the end of the race to just have a good run to the line.


Jackson said after the race ‘It was a little bit messy out there today and a little bit confusing with me not making it through PQ. Aalberts apparently had to go so I got the spare spot, it was very lucky for me and a great result for the team which I am so honoured to drive for, they have had faith in me from the beginning and I hope that I will be able to show great pace in Brazil.’


Javier on the other hand was having a great battle for 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th. He was able to gain a few positions at the start with retirements and some opportunist moves moved him up to 17th after the 3rd lap. The whole of the team is very proud of Javier after his efforts to get into the race after internet issues were forced upon him a week prior to the start. Javier remained calm and was able to finish the weekend in 13th position with 10 more points.


Javier said after his fantastic result ‘We have improved during these three races, although our weakness is clearly the Pre Qualification and Q1. Fortunately, our pace during the race improves, but the car did not show all its potential during the last race. We were not able of finishing within the top 10, but at the end of the day, we had 20 points, which was a nice result'. 


And so that wraps up another weekend of racing. Tune in 2 weeks at 13:00 GMT to for the 15th and final round of the Formula SimRacing World Trophy Championship. So from all of us here at Positive SimRacing we wish you a safe break and we will see you next fortnight for the Brazilian GP.


Javier y Jacskon during the first laps of the race.