Yas Marina. A Gem in the Desert

Round 14 of the Formula SimRacing World Championship will take place in Abu Dhabi around the Yas Marina Circuit. The venue is full of entertainment and some great spectacles such as Ferrari World, the largest indoor theme park in the world and the Yas Hotel, a hotel that the track drives through the middle of.

This is one of the spectacles that this hotel has to offer, another is its glowing shell which changes colour as the race progresses. As the night goes on, the colour gets even more apparent but that is not why the fans come. They come to this track for the noise excitement and thrill of a Formula 1 race.


Coming into the round Positive SimRacing has scored 20 points in the constructors championship all of which have come from Javier’s side of the fence with Jackson being in the learning phase of his career. Javier has been pleased with the progress so far in the team and has been very keen to be in the top 12 to be able to score more than 10 points in the race, which is the standard amount of points for finishing a race.

Jackson has also been keen to get a race under his belt seeing as technical issues prevented him from racing in Japan and then he stalled on the grid in Korea. He said to the team 'it has been disappointing. I know I can finish a race under normal circumstances but I have been under a little bit of pressure from myself to finish a race and unfortunately in Korea the nerves helped me let go of the clutch without power and I stalled. ‘I have been trying danm hard to get my start procedure right and it is helping.’

The Positive SimRacing Team Principal, David Pérez, said about the race and his drivers 'We hope to be in the top 26 again. I think that our team is ready to this goal. I'm sure Javier has learned about his mistake in Korea and how important is to see the checkered flag for the team. Jackson's youth was a handicap in his debut. Keeping calm is very important. No pressure for Jackson.'

We at Positive SimRacing are looking for a gem of a race in the United Arab Emirates!