Yeongam. A Small Step Forward

A double retirement for Positive SimRacing left both drivers, Javier and Jackson wondering what happened!

Jackson retired on the first lap after contact with another car gave him damage. He was able to make it for the start but said to the team 'I got confused about whether I was in my grid box or not, I moved forward to try to get into it even more and in the process of doing so, I stalled my engine', 'it was a disappointing day for me and the team'.

Javier on the other hand was having a great race and at one point was able to get himself up into a battle for the 11th place until disaster struck on lap 39 when he lost traction out of turn 2 and put his car into the wall ending his race and any hope of points. Until that was the team found that Javier had done over 90% of the race distance and was able to salvage 10 points again for his efforts. After the race Javier said ‘It was a very nice race, in which I maintained a 20 lap fight with Danny van der Niet (NetRex Junior) who finished 10th. In Lap 39, It was the precise moment for assuming some risks, while the leaders were approaching us for lapping. I was disappointed with the accident, but we have made great progressions with the car and I feel very confident for the next two races’.

The good news were the classification of the two cars for the G1 World Trophy Race (which was the first objective) and the 20 points scored in two races for the Team. The pace of the car was somewhat better than the exhibited in Suzuka, probably due to a more aggressive strategy based in 4 stops.

At the end of the day, the Team has given a small step forward. It is true that it was not an impressive advance since the last race, but it is also true that in one week the Team has improved and that Positive SimRacing has a long term strategy. 

Yeongam Race

Yeongam Q1