15th position for Positive SimRacing

The team completed its first race in Formula SimRacing with an excellent result. The organization allowed the use of the General Car and this gave a good opportunity to the team for being in Suzuka.

 Technical problems avoided the participation of Jackson Wendt, while Javier took part in the pre-qualifying session. Javier lapped in 1.33.100 which was enough to gain a place in the grid of the G1 Race. Javier lapped 1 tenth slower in Q1, starting in position 22th.


 Seven excellent laps moved Javier up to position 13th, hence gaining 9 positions. The key was the driver's ability of avoid race incidents. nevertheless, the car suffered a lack of pace and only a consistent driving until the checkered flag gave the 15th final position for the Team.

The goal of the Team was racing and finishing races and from this point of view, this can be considered an excellent result, beyond what was initially expected. In only two weeks the first good result has came. After finishing the race, Javier said "We were lucky today, and we get perhaps the best possible result. There is still a lot of work to do, but this is a great start for the Team".

Next race will be in only 7 days... very few time for improvement, but this is Formula SimRacing!


Javier Alvarez (General Car) Defending its position in the Suzuka's Chicanne

Avoiding the incident in Lap 1: 4 positions won.

Two additional positions won avoiding the incident in the chicanne.


PSR in Live Broadcast 

Live Broadcast did not give glorious moments to the Team in its first participation, although the race was followed by more than 40 spectators.


Formation lap.

Javier being lapped by Z. Csuti.