Suzuka Preview 29/september/2012

Less than 24 hours from the start of the Grand Prix of Suzuka in Formula SimRacing, and there is still great uncertainty about the participation of Positive SimRacing in the league. While the team fulfilled promptly all the paperwork needed for the licensing and design of the cars, no mod updates have been presented and therefore the cars are still not available in the simulation server.

 Yesterday afternoon, the Team’s owner contacted the President of Formula SimRacing expressing this Team’s concern. The Championship Manager transmitted reassuring messages, although the time is virtually exhausted.



Meanwhile, the Team used this week to prepare the race, working on long stints. For this reason, times in the Hotlaps (http://formula-simracing.netlive-timinghall-of-fame) have not undergone changes since last weeks faster runs.

Based on those times, the two official drivers could enter in G1 race of the World Trophy: Jacson Wendt marked a time of 1.33.476 (+2.837 over the best time) and would be in position 22th in WT. Javier Álvarez lapped in 1.33.082 (+2.442) in position 23th. The best time of the Team Positive SimRacing was lapped by Thomas, with 1.32.525 (+1.936) in 16th position of WT category.

In spite of these good times, pre-qualification starts tomorrow. That will be the really challenging test for the team, of course, assuming that organizational issues have been resolved by then.