STC Challenge Round 02. Interlagos Preview

Live in today 21:00h CET.

After the good result in Sebring, Positive SimRacing drivers Iván Fernández and Daniel Andrés will participate today in the second round of the STC Challenge. 


Iván Fernández stated:  "I am not very nervous by mi first participation, but I will take care to have a safe race. Mi goal is to be among the first half of the grid, and trying to reach positions near of the top 10."

Daniel Andrés said:  "I am nervous because this is my first international race, with 43 cars on track everything can happen, but I want to be optimistic. I think both PSR drivers can be among the top 20". 

Kevin Adam stated: "Finally, the second round arrived and I am excited to see the first race of these two drivers. This will be a short race, without refuelling stops, so that the two drivers will have to manage their tires during the race. Hopefully we will have the same or even a better result than in the first round, to consolidate our team within the top 10".