FSR Round 01. Melbourne – Australia

Round 01 of the Formula Simracing 2013 championship concluded with good feelings within the team. The first round is, perhaps, the most challenging weekend for a new team, and in spite of the work done during the past few months, a great uncertainty on the real pace of the team remained before the first race started. 

The World Series were the first race, with two PSR teams on track: the Biocross Positive SimRacing and Positive Simracing Team.  They were the first to realize that the car would have problems in qualifying, and perhaps running under low fuel loads. Three drivers managed to be among the top 26, to compete in the race. However, the pace during the race was not enough to advance positions and the final result was an evidence of the difficulty of the Championship, with Alex Díaz finishing in 16th, Adrián Rodríguez 18th and Todor Pangev 20th.


The second race was World Trophy, including nearly 60 drivers fighting for having one of the 26 positions on the starting grid. Carlos Martin, Carlos López, Miguel Valiente and Jackson Wendt were able to achieve this. Qualifying was difficult, with Carlos Martin in the 11th position and Miguel Valiente in the 12th. But both drivers had an exceptional race, wining positions in a track where it is almost impossible to overtake. Miguel did a great defense of his position, which not only allowed him to achieve a fantastic 4th place, but also that Carlos Martin concluded his first participation in this difficult Championship with a podium. Carlos López finished 13th and Jackson Wendt 15th, while Claes Axelsson came 5th in the second race of WT.

The last race was the World Championship. Biocross Positive Simracing team started with two drivers with experience in FSR: Blair Disley and Marcel vd Linden. They were aware of the difficulties of the car for qualifying, but both showed a good pace during the race. Only an accident prevented Marcel of being among the top 8, and Blair made a spectacular race with a 4 stops strategy and being virtually the fastest driver on track during most of the race.

Jasco Spain team completed an excellent first round, with Moisés and Zuhaitz keeping a very consistent pace and taking all the advantages of hard tires to the one-stop strategy. It was the first race in FSR for these two great Spanish drivers, and they reached positions very close to the top 10 (12th and 13th, respectively), and probably they would be in top 10 with a more aggressive strategy.

After these results, the team is confident by the work done in these months and all the staff expects to continue gaining experience to strength its position in the Championship. There is a lot of work ahead and many things to continue improving step by step. This round has been a small first step forward.

Blair Disley exhibited a strong pace.

Moisés and Zuhaitz, Jasco Spain PSR fighting with Marconi (FTS).

Carlos Martin and Miguel Valiente found a safe path in lap 1, WT.