Good feelings in the first official race of the iRacing Division

The first official race of the Positive SimRacing iRacing Division had a great result for the team after 90 minutes of racing in the difficult Sebring track. The result was especially good for Andrés Quintana, finishing in 12th position, excellent result bearing in mind that the competition involved several Pro drivers. Also, great team work of Kevin Adam, overcoming many technical problems that prevented him to lap in his real pace, but finishing safely the race in 28th place.

Since qualifying, it was clear that the pole position was very expensive. There were 3 drivers lapping under 2:00. Andrés and Kevin started with very conservative strategies, with heavy fuel loads, ready to struggle in the first part of the race, but delaying the pit stops and having a good position at the end of the race.  Grid positions were 17th and 33rd for Andrew and Kevin, respectively.

The start was fast and clean, with almost 40 cars fighting for the first turns of the twisty American circuit of Sebring. In spite of that, there were no serious incidents during the first laps. The Positive SimRacing strategy was perfect.

After the pit stops, and until the end of the race, both drivers managed to win several positions. Before finishing, Andrés could take advantage of a penalty (Drive Through) of an opponent and saw the checkered flag in 12th place.  Kevin, after overcoming several accidents of his rivals on the last lap, arrived in 28º position and confirmed that, the PSR Team is able to take both cars to finish without major mechanical problems.

After the race, both drivers were satisfied with the result, and Kevin Adam said: “I'm pleased to see the team able to take both cars to finish and I am happy in a special way because Andrés has been very close to the Top 10. It has been a huge merit, since the grid was full of first-class drivers. It was not uncommon to look through the car’s window and meet a Pro driver (4 Pro drivers in the first 4 positions). I am very happy for the points scored and I hope that the team shares my joy in the same way”.

Andrés said that "the important thing was finish the race, since I did not know how I would resist the 90 min, the longest race I have ever done in iRacing. So, first, I am very happy for finishing since being the first race of the team in iRacing this was important, and secondly because it is not bad to finish 12th, perhaps I could finish within the top 10 as I could have more pace, but the idea was to finish the race and to avoid mistakes".

In the Team’s Championship table, Positive SimRacing is in the ninth position, an excellent place to be the first time in an international Championship with 21 teams. But better than that, are the feelings that the result has not been a lucky coincidence and that there is room for dreaming with good results.