Jasco Spain in the World Championship of Formula Simracing 2013

The Spanish company JASCO ANALÍTICA SPAIN and Positive Simracing are pleased to announce the agreement of collaboration for participating in the World Championship of Formula SimRacing 2013. The team will be registered as Jasco Spain PSR, the last three letters being related to the open wheel car that will be used in 2013.

Jasco Spain PSR will be part of the Positive SimRacing sphere, which already has a first team in the same competition: Biocross Positive SimRacing, and now with this second team hopes to join the group of strongest Formula SimRacing World Championship teams. This Championship celebrates its 13th Edition being the pinnacle of world sim racing and offering a fantastic spectacle for the fans. Races are held every 15 days, broadcasting worldwide on Sundays at 19:00 h CET (and Spanish) time. Qualifying starts at 18:20.

 JASCO ANALÍTICA SPAIN is a high technology company, with headquarters in Madrid where the company has the central offices and the applications laboratory. It also has delegations in Catalonia, Basque country, Levante, Galicia, Extremadura and Andalusia with a network of authorized distributors all over Spain. For years, JASCO has been manufacturing under OEM license, of scientific instrumentation for companies such as Waters, Varian, Bio-Rad, LDC, Gilson, Dionex, Beckman and IBM. During the last years, JASCO ANALÍTICA SPAIN has offered cross cutting technology and innovative instruments, with numerous patents of its own, being the Spanish headquarters of a leading company in chromatography and spectroscopy.

Javier Álvarez, CEO of Positive SimRacing said that "We thank JASCO ANALÍTICA SPAIN for joining us in this difficult challenge. Without doubt, this new addition will help us to be more competitive, by strengthening the current team structure. Joining efforts with Biocross Positive SimRacing and Jasco Spain we hope to deal more confidently with this hard first year in the World Championship. Also, we would like to demonstrate that we can generate added value in our partners and we are continuously working to do so."

Carlos Pérez, President of JASCO ANALÍTICA SPAIN commented "we knew the project of Positive SimRacing and, as we consider ourselves an innovative and cutting edge technology company, we wanted to support this initiative, hoping also that we will find many synergies in the promotion of our brand and activities".

JASCO ANALÍTICA SPAIN enters in the Formula SimRacing World Championship with an interesting milestone: a Spanish company, with a completely Spanish team and two Spanish drivers. The Biocross Positive SimRacing Alliance with Jasco Analytical Spain is expected to facilitate the always difficult beginnings of the Formula SimRacing World Championship teams.