World Championship GP Series. Round 7.Silverstone

The iRacing World Championship GP Series completed 7 rounds after the Silverstone Grand Prix. These 7 rounds can be considered as an adaptation of Diogo Oliveira to the championship. Today, Diogo started in P30 and finished in P25, after a consistent race. While the team works in a reinforced drivers line-up in 2017, Diogo faces a big challenge: to survive in the most difficult championship. This first year of Positive SimRacing in the iRacing Word Championship Series is a big challenge, but Diogo has proved to be one of the best. After seven rounds, Diogo is in P33 of the driver's standings, with the final target of finishing in the top 25. All the team is pushing. Good luck!

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Diogo started in P30, and gained 5 positions during the race.

Diogo fighting for P26

Overtaking to Montañés

Diogo maintained a consistent pace during the whole race

In the last part of the race, Alex Simpson overtook Diogo

Diogo found Greger Huttu with fuel problems in the last lap (Diogo was lapped at that moment)